You don’t have a Credit Card, but you need to rent a car. No problem, we accept Cash and Debit Cards as a means of payment.
You have booked with your Credit Card but in the hurry you did not bring it along. We can help with our flexibility. Pay with Cash or Debit Card. We even accept your Foreign Currency as the fully refundable deposit. When the vehicle is returned we will gladly refund you.
You have a credit card but it is not embossed. At Drive Direct we understand that times are changing and some things are going to be different, like your card. We say if it is a Credit Card, we will help whether it is embossed or not. With us a Credit Card is Credit Card, full stop.
We say let us help you. You sign to authorize the transaction and your Spouse signs as the Driver.
You need a car but your company will pay. That is easily solved. Let your company put the money directly into our account via EFT. No hassles.